Friday, 16 March 2012 - Lynx Spray More Get More advert

Borrowed interest - Specsavers and the Lynx Effect

Specsavers "The Specs Effect" from Chris Redding on Vimeo.

Intertextuality - Lynx effect - Promo on Bournemouth Beach

Lynx Giant Shower - World Record from Threefold on Vimeo.

student version of a Lynx ad - does he get the same brand identity across?

Project 2.1 - Commercial - Seductive Spray from parviez najafpour on Vimeo.

research and intertextuality - Lynx TOUCH

Lynx effect 3 - intertextuality and social media - aiming at girls



BRAND IDENTITY link to a website

an interactive site for exploring all thing Lynx, wet and girlie!!!

have a go to see if you can get the message

Lynx 'The Lynx Effect' | Prime Focus

Lynx 'The Lynx Effect' | Prime Focus

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

thursday 08th June a.m. lesson for HY

today is a busy day
  • the external moderators are in assessing all of your work
  • you will be working on your photography work while they are here
    • completing all the items on the tick list - this means annotating sketchbooks, adding definitions of community, providing evidence of the exhibition - i have a lot of photos
    • evidence of research into exhibition costs
  • then you can begin the next bits
    • write a magazine review for the exhibition - as if you were a reporter for a local or national magazine - this means that you must collect examples first and annotate structure, typography, layout, headers, images etc - then draft your own - this should be critical but fair - offer praise etc - as if you were writing a published report/review of the show
    • investigate the structure and layout for a calendar - be prepared to present your ideas in the afternoon next week

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

plan for thursday 20th january

remember everyone - today is messy and doing day so be prepared to work hard AND get lots done.

 Jackson and co you will be filming/editing/dubbing etc the first viral ad - and planning what you need to get from Kim and Erroll and Plug plus contacting them to organise times. Bring instruments / costumes / lights etc

Everyone else; we will be learning how to print so you need messy coveralls. pencil, rubber, scissors/craftknife etc imagination and patience.

we are in WG11 all morning nd it is very hot so bring a drink please cos we will probably boil!!!

screen printing basics on vimeo

Screen Printing Basics from BWALL on Vimeo.

what is screen printing?? - What is Screen Printing? from DIY Teeshirts on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

thursday and the visit to plug studios

  • Please be on time everyone.
  • You must have the reply slips and permission letters or you cannot go and must stay in school with Ms Moore
  • Please report to room WG11 as usual at 9.15.
  • We will be going by minibus and hoping to arrive by 10am.
  • We will be back in school for 3pm for the last half hour of lessons in the classroom.
  • DO NOT FORGET TO BRING YOUR SKETCHBOOKS, NOTEBOOKS AND INSTRUMENTS (that does not mean drum kit jack/Zac - but portable instruments!!!)
  • Remember food - Jackson especially you - it will be a long day!!! You cannot leave site to get food
  • Mr Willett and I will bring some camcorders and digital cameras but if you have your own you can bring it (you will be responsible for it though)
  • Ms Moore says megan's group and Jess' group will need to interview Kim and errol for thier documentaries - please do not forget to do that.
Kim has worked hard to prepare for the visit and is looking forward to meeting you. i have told her hpow amazing you are - I am sure that you will hold up to my promise. Remember smile, be polite, ask lots of questions, make lots of notes and enjoy the experience.

Monday, 15 November 2010


Hi everyone
Just to keep you posted - 
  • The permission letters are inthe post and should be with you by Wednesday this week
  • Please get them completed and returned to me in the lesson on Thursday this week.
  • you must complete the medical consent form as well as the permission to go slip, if I do not have either then you cannot go.
  • On the day please wear creative, smart casual; i.e. jeans, a clean smart t-shirt etc (avoiding fcuk logos, rude signs, low cut jeans, things that show ur bum.....) we are going for an arty music dude look without being offensive or subconsciously marketing products should the images taken go onto the website.
  • Kim is checking out ur blogs - so keep at it - some of you have still not posted ur correct addressesand only Christiana has been on it in the past 4 days - well done Christiana - see you all Thursday

Thursday, 11 November 2010

this blog is created to help you to be successful in your diploma

please follow this blog, completing set work and taking notice of the advice

you will need to check it weekly